Sunday, March 17, 2013

Apples and Oranges

I have often heard the expression, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.” Some events of the last week, however, have convinced me that my apples may have fallen in another orchard all together.

My children— the apples of my eye—have been far from home in recent days. Brett has been skiing in British Columbia, exploring an entire mountain and, I’m sure, recklessly schussing downhill while making few turns. This is unlike his parents, who are seldom reckless when skiing or doing anything else.  

Brett also discussed the possibility of doing some heli-skiing while at Whistler (being lifted to some remote area via helicopter, then being debarked to begin a ski descent in the wild). Luckily, I believe that he gave up on that notion, mostly because of financial constraints rather than out of common sense, or out of a desire to spare his poor parents some heart palpitations. We have been viewing the photos on his Facebook page daily, in part to assure ourselves that he stayed earthbound the whole week. It is hard to tell, however, based on this photo.  

Brett at what looks to be the top of the world.
 Did he get here by helicopter, we wonder.
Amanda, meanwhile, has been exploring in the Far East with business school colleagues, learning how Japanese businesses are run and visiting such other exotic locations as Seoul, Hong Kong, and Macau. Today, after she was safely back in Atlanta, she sent us a video of her latest adventure in Macau. (See photo below and attached video link if you have a strong stomach). As she descends downward on a bungee cord from 700+ feet in the air, Amanda can be heard proclaiming, “Holy shit” in excited tones. Her parents, on viewing the video, used almost the same expression (and a few others) but sounded more stunned than excited. Did we really birth these children?!?  

Now, down deep, I am happy that my children are adventurous. I am even happier that they wait until after they have done something crazy before telling their mother or me about it. We are not consoled, however, by the deep seated belief that they are going to keep doing such things and we’re going to keep wondering just what tree they may have fallen out of.

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